Enrollment FAQs

What is a lottery?

Since the number of applicants will exceed the established ceiling, students are selected by lottery. When a student is chosen, siblings of the applicant (within the same household) are also invited for admission, provided there are openings. Students currently admitted are given preference for re-enrollment. Siblings of admitted students are given preference relative to other applicants.

SAA will not discriminate in its admission policies or practices on the same basis as other public schools may not discriminate in their admission policies and practices.

When can I enter my child into the Lottery for the new school year?

Every year in late January the Lottery is started over for the upcoming school year. We will be reenrolling our current student body during the months of January and February. As soon as we have an accurate count of the openings we have for the upcoming year, we will run the sibling lottery. Siblings of current students receive preference. After we have enrolled the siblings, we will run the lottery for the remaining openings. (This usually happens in March.)

We do typically receive notification of openings throughout the summer. So, you can add your child to the Lottery at anytime into the summer and the fall. We do not draw students after September 27th.

How long is the list?

This cannot be determined due to the fact that the number of students enrolled in the lottery is constantly changing as people apply.

Where is my child on the list?

It is not a waiting list, it is a lottery. The lottery will be run several times each year, and students will be randomly drawn as spots become available.

What is my child's chance of being accepted?

This cannot be determined due to the number of students applying each day for a limited number of openings in the school as students move out.

How often is the Lottery ran?

The Lottery for the fall is ran the previous March. After that point, it is ran as needed. When we receive notification that someone is moving, we will run a lottery to fill the position. You will receive an email if your child has been offered a spot at our school. You will have at least 3 business days to decide if you want to accept/reject the open position.

When will I be notified of an open position?

If your child is drawn from the lottery you will be notified as soon as they have been selected. You will be notified by e-mail.

Parents/guardians will have at least 3 business days to accept/reject an open position when it is offered. It is possible for a position to open during the school year. Parents should consider in advance if they are willing to move their child after school has begun in the fall.

How will I know if my child has been accepted?

You will receive a phone call or e-mail. If you go on vacation, please be sure someone is able to check your messages or e-mail while you are away.

What if I change phone numbers or want to modify my enrollment application?

If you need to update your personal information such as phone number, address, or e-mail address, or choose to withdraw your application, please use your confirmation number and log into the enrollment website to make any necessary changes.

Is there anything I can do to improve my child's chance of getting in?

By law, the only way to receive preferential treatment during enrollment is under the following circumstances: (1) a sibling is already attending the school or (2) a parent is a founding board member of the school. Extra volunteer hours, special favors, or donations are not accepted in exchange for special preference.