Crisis Information and Resource List
SafeUTThis is the SafeUT logo. The app is free and can be downloaded to any device. SafeUT can also be found online HERE. SafeUt offers free 24/7 counseling services with a crisis counselor. This video will provide an overview of how SafeUT works and how to use it. Syracuse Arts Academy is included in the SafeUT dashboard. This means that any tip identified on SafeUT as Syracuse Arts Academy will be forwarded to school administration. The reporter remains anonymous, but the notification is sent so that there is follow up given. It is important to provide the name(s) of whoever the concern is about so that help may be provided.

SafeUT Newsletter

Utah 2-1-1 This website provides people with ways to receive help in many different areas. At the website, enter your zip code or choose a county, then click on an icon.

Davis Behavioral Health
 Classes are offered to help with  a variety of behavioral concerns. You may choose to register yourself and/or your student(s) for classes. Click on this LINK for a list of classes and the time they are offered. Most of them are free.

Utah Department of Health Violence and Injury Prevention Program
 This program offeres help and information on topics such as: student injury, traumatic brain injury, prescription drug overdose, and suicide.

Parents Empowered This campaign is funded by the Utah Legislature with media and education designed to give parents/guardians information about the dangers of alcohol on the developing brain. Here skills are shared to help prevent underage alcohol use. 

Additional Resources:

Parents & Families Wellness Today - September .pdf




Mobile Crisis Outreach brochure.pdf

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