What Does a Counselor Do?

Counselors spend at least 85% of their time in direct services to students in 3 broad areas, Plan for College and Career Readiness, Collaborative Classroom Instruction, and Systemic Approach to Dropout Prevention.  These services include the following:

 Plan for College and Career Readiness
Plan for College Career Readiness    
7th Grade classroom presentation
8th & 9th Individual meetings with parents
Reality Town- done in the fall, great volunteer opportunity
Career Fair- done in the spring, great volunteer opportunity
College display
Parent/teacher information on college and career readiness
Counseling bulletin board
Elementary Visits (North and Antelope campus)
7th grade orientation
 Meetings with feeder high schools to coordinate transition
Syracuse High School
Collaborative Classroom Instruction
Classroom instruction
College & Career Awareness class- teach some of the Career Development  Application lessons in 7th grade
College and Career Readiness classroom lessons in 8th and 9th grade
Systemic Approach to Dropout Prevention
Monitor student academics/behavior
Student, parent, & teacher advocates & support
Student recognition breakfast coordinator
Crisis intervention
Coordinate with the Student Success Team
Coordinate w/ departments
Data Projects- 2016-17 and 2017-18 projects on dropout prevention
Hope Squad advisor
Small groups for student support
Credit recovery for 9th grade students
Options class placement
9th grade credit evaluations
SAA Credit recovery contract
Online credit recovery options

The other 10-15% of a counselor’s time is spent in activities that don’t involve direct counseling services to students.
Administration of Program and Non-school Counseling Activities
Davis District counselor meetings
Summer Conference attendance
USCA Fall Conference attendance
6 year formal review, 3 year interim review, and yearly self-evaluation
Advisory Committee chair
Class schedule changes & consult