Syracuse Arts Academy is subject to all State requirements as they relate to the Core Curriculum. In the area of Language Arts, SAA will use Harcourt Brace Trophies as the primary curriculum. Scott-Foresman Addison-Wesley is the program chosen for Math instruction. All areas of curriculum will have some degree of art integrated into the curriculum for enhanced learning.

SAA will have a student computer lab as well as computers in each classroom.

Core Curriculum

All curriculum courses are aligned with the Utah State Core Curriculum Standards and enhanced with a thematic emphasis on the Arts. A wide spectrum of activities will be integrated into the curriculum that supports the educational goals and overall academic success for students. Additionally, increased emphasis placed on student proficiency in reading will increase the likelihood of student success across the curriculum. Following is a substantive overview of the curriculum embedded with innovative teaching methods and curriculum approaches.

Patriotic, Civic and Character Education

Syracuse Arts  Academy will promote student character education to reaffirm values and qualities of character which promote an upright and desirable citizenry.  Syracuse Arts Academy will teach patriotic education as part of the social studies curricula.  The civic education will help cultivate informed students, encourage responsible participation in political life, and promote the fundamental values and principles of representative democracy in Utah and the United States.


Syracuse Arts Academy students participate in all of the state testing; our test results are posted on the Utah State Board of Education’s website.