Board Meetings

All Syracuse Arts Academy (SAA) Board of Directors Meetings are open to the public. Meetings and agendas are posted at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance and include the time and location. SAA follows the Utah Open Meetings Act. If you are interested in receiving an automatic e-mail or RSS feed whenever the SAA Board of Directors will be having a public meeting, you may visit the Utah Public Notice Website and search for Syracuse Arts Academy.

2020-2021 Board Meeting Dates

2020-2021  Board Meeting Closed Session Time
 July 30* Agenda / Minutes AgendaAffidavit 5:30 pm 
 August 6 Agenda / Minutes Agenda / Affidavit 5:30 pm 
August 27* CANCELED    5:30 pm 
 October 1 Agenda / Minutes Agenda / Affidavit 5:30 pm 
 October 29* Agenda / Minutes Agenda / Affidavit 5:30 pm 
 November 12*
    5:30 pm 
December 3
    5:30 pm 
February 4
    5:00 pm
April 8
    5:30 pm
May 6*
    5:30 pm
June 18+       9:30 am
June 30*      5:30 pm

*Electronic Board Meeting
+Annual Board Meeting



**Please note that we only post the previous three school years of meeting minutes.   To request an electronic or written copy of prior years’ minutes, please email your request to Dale Pfister