College and Career Readiness Information

College and Career Readiness (CCR) meetings

You’ve probably wondered what a CCR is, especially if you’re the parent of an 8th or 9th grade student and got an invitation to a meeting with me.  These meetings give your student, you, and me the opportunity to talk about your student’s current progress in school, any career interests he or she may have, and plans for high school and beyond.  I meet with every 8th and 9th grade student yearly.  These meetings are scheduled during the following months:

  • 9th grade- January and February.  This is the time when high schools are working on their registration for next year. Syracuse High and Clearfield High both give me registration materials.  When I get it I pass the information on to students who will be attending there.
  • 8th grade- March and April.  This is the time that we are doing our scheduling for next year.  It gives us the opportunity to talk about classes your student wants to take next year.

High school graduation requirements:



Credits your student will complete at our school (assuming they don’t have any Fs):



English 9- 1.0



Secondary Math 1- 1.0



Earth Science- 1.0

Physics- 1.0

(Students can do both sciences for 2.0 credits but must give up an elective)


Social Studies

Geography 0.5


US Government



Physical Education

Part. Skills & Tech.- 0.5


Fit For Life






Fine Arts

Any art class- a semester class is 0.5 credit and a yearlong class is 1.0 credit


Career and Technical Education



Digital Learning

Exploring Computer Science- 0.5

Web Development- 0.5

(Students are required to take one of these 2 classes)



General Financial Literacy




Any elective class they take that won’t count towards Fine Arts credit.

0.5 credit= semester class

1.0 credit = yearlong class

PARENT TOOL KIT website provides resources to help you and your child prepare for college readiness, financial aid and literacy, and career literacy.
Utah Futures is a great site for career exploration.  If your child creates an account everything he or she does can be saved for future reference. This means that if your child searches out scholarships here, he or she will have that saved for future reference. If you want to see how many scholarships are listed leave the search criteria blank. It works the same way with college searches, which can be found here.
Utah Futures Parent Guide-This link will give you information about what you as a parent can do to prepare your child for his or her future.