Antelope Elementary Campus



Core Curriculum

On top of our Core Curriculum, we offer special arts classes to our elementary students. Through rotations, each grade has an art, music, movement, and computer class each week. All curriculum courses are aligned with the Utah State Core Curriculum Standards and enhanced with a thematic emphasis on the Arts. A wide spectrum of activities will be integrated into the curriculum that supports the educational goals and overall academic success for students. Additionally, increased emphasis placed on student proficiency in reading will increase the likelihood of student success across the curriculum. Following is a substantive overview of the curriculum embedded with innovative teaching methods and curriculum approaches.


Art Specials

In the visual art room we learn all about the principals and elements of art through creative discovery. We integrate what the students are learning in their classrooms into their art work and make the concepts come to life. The art room is a place of discovery, learning, problem solving, and so much more. We are happy creating art, messes, and skills for life.


Movement Specials

In movement they learn to move their bodies in different ways, how to keep their bodies healthy and how to integrate movements from their core classes. They are taught to count and choreograph dances with locomotors, ripples, patterns, levels, space, time, and motion. They also learn to work in groups during each class and performance skills in preparation for schoolwide performances. Movement definitely helps with self confidence, self awareness, and allows them to get out of their shell.


Music Specials

In the SAA Music classroom, students learn to be Tuneful, Beatful and Artful with the implementation of the John Feierabend, and Carl Orff learning models. Students will enjoy hands-on participation with multiple instruments like, xylophone, malletphones, recorder, drums, and ukuleles. Demonstration of this learning is expressed through music performance twice per year.


Computer Specials

We have the students take a computer class through our Computer Specialist. Here they learn to type, and use basic computer functions.