2023-24 Dragon Dash Highlights

Our students lined up, each grade taking their own turn, to start the run. They encouraged one another and made it through the finish line (the coolest blow-up arch ever). After completing their time, they enjoyed a popsicle and bubbles.

What prizes did they win?

Because the whole school earned over $9,000 (with a grand total of $9,602.00) they will get a party in their classroom!

Kindergarten earned an extra recess having earned over $500 (with a total of $695.00). Grades 1 - 6 have earned a kickball game with the teachers. They each earned over $1,000.00. 1st Grade earned $1,625. 2nd Grade earned $1,895. 3rd Grade earned $1,901. 4th Grade earned $1,007. 5th Grade earned $1,320. 6th Grade earned $1,604.

The grade that earned the most got a glow stick party. That grade was 3rd grade with their total of $1,901.

Stay tuned for "Principal for the Day" prize to the student earning the most.

1st Grade$1,625.00
2nd Grade$1,895.00
3rd Grade$1,901.00
4th Grade$1,007.00
5th Grade$1,320.00
6th Grade$1,604.00
GRAND TOTAL$9,602.00

We want to give a shoutout!

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped set up and take down. Thank you to the adults who encouraged the students (especially those that ran along side them!). The students that helped us spread the word did a fantastic job with their promotional videos. Thank you to the POEC that organized this fundraiser. This will help tremendously with our field trips! The biggest thank you goes to the students and their families for donating the money that they did!

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