Approved Curriculum Book List

Books Currently Approved for Curriculum Use:

  • To Kill A Mockingbird- 9th grade
  • Make Your Bed- 9th grade
  • Romeo and Juliet- 9th grade
  • The Princess Bride- 9th grade
  • Lord of the Flies- 9th grade
  • Hamlet- 8th grade
  • Fahrenheit 451- 8th grade
  • The Outsiders-7th grade
  • The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe- 7th grade
  • Much Ado About Nothing- 7th grade
  • I am Malala-7th grade
  • Number the Stars-7th grade
  • When Stars Are Scattered- 7th grade
  • Maze Runner- elective

Book Approval Committee (2020 - present)

Heidi Stone

Gwen Merrill

Tara Stephens

Shelly Ripplinger

Laura Bayn

Amy DeGraw

Jill Bartholomew

Leigh Schartz

Tia Shaw

Jamie Whitesides

Jessica Singleton

Katherine Robinson 

Mallory Robbins

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