Safe Routes to School Plan

Important Notice

As many of you have noticed, at the stop sign at the end of the ring road,, there are now two lanes marked on the pavement.  The lane markings were painted  after our initial instructions for driving through that area.   It is important to remember that the ring road is a designated one-lane road until the beginning of those designated lines on the pavement.  As you reach the designated two lane section painted on the road, you will have a decision to make.

  1. Turning south at 3000 West: Merge to the left at the first stop sign and remain in that lane moving forward to the next stop sign. 
  2. Turning north at 3000 West.  Remain in the right lane at both stop signs.   

A word of caution and concern:  There are issues with people trying to pass prior to the lanes opening up into two lanes which causes safety issues.  We urge you to be cautious, slow down, wait until the lanes are designated as two lanes to merge and please treat each other with respect.  

Pedestrian Walking Pattern CHANGE:  For those of you with students walking on Antelope Drive.  The pattern has changed.  All pedestrians will cross to the north side of Antelope Drive at 3000 West and walk on the northside of Antelope Drive.  Follow the directions of the crossing guard. 

Update 10/25/22

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