Core Curriculum

On top of our Core Curriculum, we offer special arts classes to our elementary students. Through rotations, each grade has an art, music, movement, and computer class each week. All curriculum courses are aligned with the Utah State Core Curriculum Standards and enhanced with a thematic emphasis on the Arts. A wide spectrum of activities will be integrated into the curriculum that supports the educational goals and overall academic success for students. Additionally, increased emphasis placed on student proficiency in reading will increase the likelihood of student success across the curriculum. Following is a substantive overview of the curriculum embedded with innovative teaching methods and curriculum approaches.


Art Specials

Visual Art classes at Syracuse Arts Academy incorporate national elementary art standards as well as integrating core standards from each grade. All ages receive fun, creative lessons in a variety of art media like paint, pastels, clay and much more.

Student artwork is displayed school-wide and art shows during grade-level performances showcase our student artists regularly. Art is always full of fun at SAA.


Movement Specials

Dance has been proven to aid in the learning process and therefore all grade levels at SAA take movement class once per week, in addition to performance opportunities throughout the year. Movement class exposes students to many artistic forms of expression including hip-hop, ballet, lyrical, jazz, yoga, tumbling, and more! Students also gain knowledge of dance history, the benefits of physical exercise and learn to express their emotions through movement. Performances are an integral part of movement classes, with multiple opportunities for students to learn choreography, audition for solos, and perform at SAA North’s state-of-the-art amphitheater.


Music Specials

Our music program integrates with Utah State’s Core Curriculum and provides an opportunity for students to improve their self-confidence, math skills, focus, coordination, and teamwork.

Each of one of our students studies music weekly from Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.  Music class focuses on improving vocal performance, learning a variety of instruments, and understanding human history through the social connections of music history.  

Students learn to play guitars, ukuleles, recorders, xylophones, steel drums, non-pitched drums and numerous non-pitched percussion instruments.  Students have multiple performance opportunities every year.


Computer Specials

Our Computer Technology class provides curriculum based on the standards and objectives of Utah State Board of Education. We integrate all things technology teaching Kindergarten through 6th grade while positively motivating students to enjoy learning computers skills. 

Each of our students learn basic operations and concepts of computer skills, Internet Research, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship, Keyboarding/typing, and coding while demonstrating responsible use of equipment. 

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    North Musical Performances

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    Scholastic Book Fair

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